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    Instant online access to this special edition of the Local Loyalty Program, including all the limited-time bonuses outlined below. As you follow along with me in these step-by-step videos you will...
1 -- CREATE YOUR WINNERS MINDSET: In this video we'll go over a couple of really simple things you need to get right in your own head before you ever send you first email. The reality is if you don't have these things right in your own mind first then you'll always struggle to convince anyone else.

As you make these small changes you'll feel more confident and assured in yourself and you'll ooze authority in every communication you make. This is really important because people always listen to and take advice from those they respect which makes your job of selling infinitely easier.
2 -- FIND UNLIMITED LEADS: Armed with your winners mindset, it's now time to find businesses to contact... and knowing the right businesses to contact makes all the difference. Get this wrong and it doesn't matter how good your offer is, you'll never make a sale.

In this video you'll discover the best types of businesses to sell this service to (those who are going to get the fastest results possible) and you'll discover a simple website that helps you find the best email address to contact each business with. This saves you a ton of time visiting each website one by one trying to find their contact details.

This ensures you have an unlimited supply of high quality leads so you're never stuck looking for a new business to contact... and you'll only ever be contacting those businesses who really want and need the service you have, resulting in more paying clients for you.
3 -- EMAIL YOUR LEADS: Now that you've found the best email address to contact the business with, you'll use my proven template to send your first email and you'll discover how to get your message across without sounding needy or salesy.

You'll position your service as something the business needs and create a situation where the business owner feels they must first qualify to work with you. This is really simple but very powerful.

You'll also discover how to quickly and easily followup with your leads to greatly increase the number of positive responses you get. Most people assume no response means they're not interested. But a lot of times they're just busy or missed your email. So using this simple followup message you'll turn many of those unanswered emails into qualified and eager leads. 
4 -- CLOSE YOUR CLIENTS: Now that you're getting positive replies from business owners, it's time to get them to signup for your free 14 day trial.

Armed with your own client closing website, you'll send your leads straight to this page where they watch a short 5 minute video (created and narrated by me) that walks them through exactly how your SMS system works and why they desperately need it. At the end of the video they will be invited to signup for your 14 day trial.

With this client closing website you don't need to worry about wasting your time explaining the same system over and over to each of your leads - all of that is done for you. This means you can contact more leads at a time and grow your business much faster. You can also relax knowing each lead is getting all the correct information they need to make the right decision.
5 -- SETUP YOUR SMS SYSTEM: In this video you'll setup your very own SMS loyalty system from scratch. You'll discover the best platform to use, how to create your free account right away that allows you to add and manage as many businesses as you want, and the simple settings you need to make sure your system runs on near autopilot, with very little input from you.

You'll also be able to rest assured that your clients have a system that is both reliable and compliant with all local laws.

You'll add your first client into the system and from then on you'll just repeat the same simple steps to add each new client. Best of all, as you add each client, you only do the setup ONCE and get paid over and over again. This ensures you have a consistent monthly income is no longer dependent on how many hours you work each month.
6 -- CREATE ELEGANT COUPONS: With this Microsoft Word template you'll create simple but elegant coupons in just seconds and then send these coupons to your clients so they can print them out and put them in a glass jar. It's that simple. That's all your client needs to do to get started.

This makes the whole setup a synch for your client which means they're much more likely to use the system and start getting results... which means more clients who want to continue on and pay you month after month... which means a bigger monthly income for you.
7 -- COLLECT YOUR PAYMENTS: After your leads have been through their 14 day trial and experienced first-hand the results your service is able to provide them, they'll be eager to continue on. And remember, your clients will be paying you out of the extra profits they're now already making so it's a total no-brainer for them.

In this video you'll setup a simple service that helps you to quickly invoice your new client right away and allows them to pay you online using any credit card (don't worry, this is a synch to setup and the money is paid straight into your bank account).

You'll set things up so that your clients are automatically invoiced the same amount at the same time each and every month... so you don't have to worry about chasing up payments or forgetting to invoice them. Set this up once and it all runs on autopilot... so you can spend less time running your business and more time growing it.
8 -- SCALE YOUR BUSINESS: Now that your SMS system is setup and you have regular paying clients, it's time to grow your business (and your income) much faster.

In this video you'll discover how to outsource all of the boring and repetitive tasks you are doing each day so you can spend less time working in your business, whilst allowing your business to grow much faster than it ever could all by yourself.

This creates a business that not only provides you with a very healthy and consistent monthly income but also gives you the freedom and time to enjoy more of your life and experience many new things. 
As Part Of This Special Edition of Local Loyalty Program, You're Getting These Limited Time Bonuses...
BONUS #1: Unlimited Lead Finder ($397 VALUE)
Having a consistent flow of leads is really important. With this free lead finder tool you'll be able to find email addresses much faster than you could ever do it by yourself. Simply type in a business type and location and this tool will instantly provide you with a list of businesses (and their email addresses). Tools like this usually cost $100's per month... but you get it free today. This means you can find your leads much faster and send more emails, resulting in more paying clients.

Update December 2018: Due to some misuse of this tool, they have now removed the free option. You can still access this tool for a monthly fee of $24 which is still great value as it saves you a ton of time. But I also explain how to use it for free with a workaround that does take just a little extra work on your part.
BONUS #2: Client Training Video ($145 VALUE)
One problem I found was always having to explain to each new client how to use the system. It's not hard for them to use - it's actually very simple. But it's tedious for you. So this simple client training video automates this process for you. Simply send this video to each new client and allow me to explain to them exactly how to use your system. This saves you a heap of time and allows you to spend less time training customers and more time getting new clients and growing your income. 
BONUS #3: Service Agreement Template ($299 VALUE)
This simple Service Agreement template protects you and your business and makes sure you get paid on time, every time. Having a simple agreement like this that outlines both the clients and your responsibilities saves a lot of headaches and worry. Simply fill in the blanks, sign it, and send it to your client. It's that simple. Documents like this usually cost several hundred dollars to have drawn up by professional lawyers but you get access to this simple template today, for free.
BONUS #4: Niche Business List ($48 VALUE)
You'll often get better results going after the more obscure types of businesses. It only stands to reason that popular industries such as restaurants and cafes are constantly being hounded by marketers which can make your job even tougher. So in this Niche Business List you'll discover 75 other types of businesses that are a perfect fit for your SMS system. Just use the simple lead finder tool above to search for these business types in any area. Your opportunities are literally endless.
You're Backed By My 'Let's Get Results' Guarantee
Most people just give you a money back guarantee. If it doesn't work out, you get your money back but you're left stuck in the same position you were before you started. I think that's lame. You're here because you want to get results, right? So here is my guarantee to you...

Go through my training videos, follow each step, put it into action and get results. And if at any stage you're struggling or something isn't working out as you had hoped, simply reach out to me via email right away, and I'll help you get unstuck so you get results.

The short of it is... I want you to get results. So we're not going to quit if something isn't working for you right away. We'll work through it and get you the results you deserve. That's my promise to you. So if you're committed to getting results and making a big change in your life, then let's do this!
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Here's to kicking butt in 2019!

Imagine yourself just a few short months from now. You’ve got a reliable and consistent monthly income that takes you very little time to manage. You also take satisfaction in knowing you're helping local business owners increase their revenue and improve their quality of life. They are happy to pay you each month because you get them results.

You’re so glad you took up this generous offer rather than deciding to stay stuck where you are right now. The extra freedom you enjoy and the quality time you now get to spend with your family and friends is unlike anything you could have hoped for and all it took was making the smart choice to get started right now…
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